Volunteers Week 2020

June 1, 2020 10:11 am Published by


To all our volunteers at PRHA:

You give of yourself and bring with you your life experiences, skills, abilities, compassion, and humour. You volunteer for many different reasons but for whatever reason you volunteer, you provide support, skills, talents and abilities. You do not ask for accolades. You give your time generously without any expectation of reward. Yet you receive the reward of comradeship with other volunteers.

We genuinely appreciate and value your commitment to volunteering with our organization and for this we all thank you.”


Volunteer profile

David – Grounded Ecotherapy Volunteer

“I have been volunteering with Grounded Ecotherapy since 2009 and was referred by my Support Worker at the time.  My main responsibility is to water a rooftop garden Grounded built in 2011 and have since maintained on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank. There is no irrigation system and so it is very important especially during the hot weather that I am there to water and keep our variety of plants and trees alive and  thriving.”

What do I get out of volunteering?

“I have an interest in gardening and since volunteering with Grounded I have learnt about all the different plants and flowers. I get to meet new people and I enjoy working as a team. Growing a seed is like your body, both grow and change and becomes something new. It has helped cleanse my soul.”


Volunteer profile

Sharon – Reception Volunteer, Central Office

“I have been volunteering with PRHA for 5 years. As a Reception Volunteer I liaise with staff in Property Services as well as undertake reception and hospitality duties.”

What do I get out of volunteering?
“I get to work alongside various members of staff and find out what they do. Volunteering gets me out and it is good for my mental health and well-being. I need that balance. I believe in giving and by giving, not only do people benefit, but I do too.”