Chris’s story

Chris was rough sleeping & using crack, heroin, cannabis and alcohol when he first came to PRHA. After 2 years of working with staff & treatment agencies to become drug free he finally succeeded & then started to rebuild his life. He was supported to re-connect with his family after not speaking for many years. He also volunteered for PRHA’s Grounded Ecotherapy project & then secured employment elsewhere. He moved on to independent accommodation 2 years ago and is still in touch & doing well.


James’s story

“I couldn’t see how I will ever be able to rebuild my life again at my age, I felt so hopeless and helpless. I thank you all for your support”


James was nearly 50 when he became homeless and started to sleep on the streets. He moved around a lot but after 5 years moved into PRHA. He started to build a good relationship with his support workers & has addressed the alcohol and anger issues that had stopped him being rehoused in the past. His health has improved through exercise and he is looking forward to working in the construction industry again.


Robert’s story

Robert had been in care and then rough sleeping for most of his life. Initially he mistrusted staff & didn’t build relationships with them. Following an interest in art he started to engage with the activities programmes run on-site by PRHA’s sister charity, Providence Row. As his confidence grew he was able to take on a role volunteering with a Premier League youth club as an assistant football coach.