Our Board members have overall responsibility for PRHA. They set the organisations strategy , ensure its financial viability and decide the overall aims and objectives.

They are also responsible for ensuring that the wellbeing of residents is at the forefront of decision making and that our services reflect our organisational values : Compassion, respect, empowerment, inclusion and justice.


They review our activities and provide a report on this in the audited accounts and the annual Impact report (also on this website-see publications). They also oversee the annual reviews of Equality and diversity, risk, resident surveys and complaints.  They receive reports on building safety compliance at every meeting. They also have a number of subcommittees / scrutiny groups that look at specific areas in more depth ( e.g. Finance and Human Resources). The Operations scrutiny group meets regularly with the service users advisory panel which is one of the resident engagement forums ( see the Get Involved section of this website here ). The Board retains overall responsibility for all decision making.


All Board and Committee members declare any  potential or perceived conflicts of interests.

We aim to include residents on our Board as well as in focus groups and other engagement activities . If you are interested please contact Jaydee Anciro for more information (janciro@prha.net)

Our board members, all of whom are volunteers, come from all walks of life and bring a wealth of different skills and knowledge to the organisation. They are:


John Giesen (Chair)

Helen New (Vice Chair)

Andrew Disley

Fahad Abdi

Denise Kent

Pippa Fleetwood-Read

Ed Knox

Taj Foster

Lynn Vickery

John Beadle