Complaints, Suggestions and Feedback

PRHA aims to provide high quality services to its residents. We rely on both positive and negative feedback from you to achieve this. Our Complaints Policy is intended to provide you with a way to:

  • Report situations where you are dissatisfied with our services, staff our procedures so that they can be resolved (complaints)
  • Inform us of ways in which we can improve our services and procedures (suggestions)
  • Provide positive feedback that we can use to further inform the development of our services and procedures (feedback)

Things to consider before making a complaint

  • If you are reporting Anti-Social Behaviour please refer to our page on Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour which explains how staff will work to support you with the issues you are reporting.
  • If you are reporting a repair for the first time, please refer to our page on Reporting Repairs.
  • Complaints about PRHA services should be made within six months of the issue occurring. However in exceptional circumstances our Policy will allow for complaints received outside of this period to be responded to.

Making a complaint

If you are not happy with any aspect of our services please let us know. We want to make it as easy for you as possible to raise a complaint. All residents, tenants and service users have the choice of whether to make a complaint formal or informal, and to make their complaint using the method that best suits their circumstances.

This means that we do not require complaints to be sent to us by using a complaints form (unless that is your chosen method) and that complaints can be made verbally as well as in writing.

Verbal complaints can be made by speaking with a member of staff directly or by telephone, or by calling our Head Office on 020 7920 7300.
Written complaints can be sent to us via email, letter or complaints form sent to our registered postal address, via our email address, or handed directly to a staff member.

You can download a copy of our latest Complaints Review Report here

To download a copy of the PRHA Complaints form click Here

Support when making a complaint

If you would like support to make your complaint your housing officer, keyworker or project manager will be able to help you.

Learning from Complaints

The lessons we learn from complaints are key in improving our services and demonstrating that we are listening to our residents and tenants.

In support of this, and in accordance with the Housing Ombudsman Service Complaints Handling Code, we are reviewing the complaints and feedback that we receive and publishing a quarterly report on the lessons learned.  This is the first edition of PRHA’s Complaints Quarterly Review Report and provides detailed information regarding complaints recorded between April and June 2020.  The report provides information on the following:

  • Breakdown of all complaints received by department
  • Breakdown of formal complaints received by category
  • The number of complaints that were closed within the timescale allowed in the Complaints Policy
  • How complaints received in the period have changed the services we provide

You can read a copy of PRHA’s Complaints Review Report here

Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling Code & consultation with residents

In 2020 the Housing Ombudsman Service issued a Complaints Handling Code for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).   We agree with the aims of the Code, many of which we already adhered to, and undertook the required self-assessment and consulted with our residents and tenants to ensure that our Complaints Policy was fully in line with the Code by 31st March 2021. Our new Complaints Policy was published in April 2021 and the self-assessment will be undertaken annually with the results published to residents.

The result of the initial self-assessment is available for our residents to view Here and our new Complaints Policy is available Here

We received 113 responses to our survey during the consultation period, and we would like to thank those tenants and residents who participated. In line with the responses received and in compliance with the Code our new Complaints Policy now has two stages.


For more information about the new Complaints Handling Code you can visit the Housing Ombudsman Service website: