PRHA aims to provide high quality services to its residents. We rely on both positive and negative feedback from you to achieve this.

Our Complaints, suggestions & compliments procedure is intended to provide you with a way to:

  • Resolve situations where residents are dissatisfied with our services, staff or our procedures. (complaints)
  • Look at ways to improve our services/procedures (suggestions)
  • Use positive feedback to inform the development of services (compliments)


If you are not happy with any aspect of our services please let us know. Our complaints policy is available here. This covers:

Informal Complaints – This is the first stage of a complaint. You can speak or write to your Keyworker/Housing officer about your concerns. It will be recorded and should be addressed immediately.

Formal Complaints – If you are not happy with the outcome of the informal complaint stage, you have the option to go to the second stage of the complaint process, and make a formal complaint. You will need to do this within 4 weeks of receiving the outcome/response to the informal complaint stage. Use the Complaints Form on this page to submit details of your complaint.

Support when making a complaint – If you would like support to make your complaint  your housing officer, keyworker or project manager will be able to help you.