As your landlord, we have a legal duty to carry out certain repairs when they are needed. As legislation changes, the responsibility for types of repair may also change. This means that there may be times when we have carried out a repair in the past, but changes in the law now make it your responsibility.

Normal wear and tear will occur to your home. If repairs are needed because of neglect or damage by you, or your friends or family, we will expect you to carry out any necessary repairs yourself or pay for the cost of the repair.

Included is a list of repairs showing which our responsibility are, and which are yours? If you still have any queries about a specific repair then contact us (0207 920 7300/7339).

There may be some occasions when we will carry out a repair for which we are not generally responsible. This will usually depend on your circumstances, and these are known as discretionary repairs.

Your responsibilities.

  • You are responsible for keeping your home in good condition and for attempting to repair minor problems.
  • You must take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your property by fire, frost, bursting of water pips or blocked drains and sinks.
  • We strongly recommend that you take out contents insurance for your belongings in your home.
  • You must provide access each year for the registered gas inspector’s safety check visit.
  • We rely on you to report any faults promptly and as fully and accurately as you can. Be sure to provide access to our contractors at the appointed time to ensure that the repair can be undertaken within our agreed timescales. If you have a mobile phone you will receive a text message/phone call informing you of your appointment date and time. You will be charged if the contractor arrives for an agreed appointment and you are not at home
  • Check the contractor’s identification and confirm with them the work that needs to be done. Keep the area clear of furniture, pets and children.
  • Please remember that someone else will be moving into your home if you ever decide to leave. Make sure that the property is clean, tidy, reasonably decorated and that all your unwanted belongings have been cleared, including anything in the roof space.

Our obligations.

  • We must keep the structure and exterior of your home and the building in which it is situated in good repair
  • We will also keep installations for the supply of water gas and electricity to your home in good repair and proper working order. This includes annual gas safety inspections and regular electrical safety inspections
  • We are legally required to check the safety and operation of the gas installation and appliances once a year. Installations which are not checked and serviced can become inefficient or dangerous
  • In the case of Flats and maisonettes we will take reasonable care to keep common entrances, halls, stairways lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and any other common parts in reasonable repair

Who is responsible for repairs PDF


If you do need to report an Emergency Repair between 9 am and 5 pm please call the Property services team on:

0207 920 7300 or via email at Note that contact numbers only apply when you have an order number, except for out of hours repairs.

If you have an emergency ‘OUT OF HOURS’ repair please call our contractors directly:

Gas Repairs:

Swale Heating Ltd. – 01795 503 377

Emergency Repairs:

KBH 07502 241696

Fire Alarms:

1st Ace Security – 0208 290 5333

CCTV/Door Entry Systems

Deslocks – 0845 208 5224