Learning Development Service

The Learning Development team provides services users with access to a high quality training and education service whilst increasing the user’s awareness of the opportunities and services available to them.

How it works

  • A keyworker will refer their client. (only keyworkers can make referrals to this scheme)
  • Once a referral has been made, an appointment will be offered to the service user within 5 days of the initial referral.
  • Initially, a service user will receive support for a period of 6 weeks. After this period the service user, their keyworker and a member of the Learning & Development team will meet to review how effective the support has been to the service user and identify what steps to take going forward.
  • All relevant support given to a service user will be kept on their file and updated or amended when needed eg: if additional support is given.

Service User Involvement

It is the Specialist Services teams job to:

  • Organise training for Service Users.
  • Facilitate the Service User Advisory and Maintenance Advisory Panels and attend regular service user project meetings to update them of the associations activities.
  • Develop and undertake surveys designed to record service user satisfaction and to report on those findings.
  • Promote Religious and Cultural Festivals.
  • Produce informative promotional material such as Leaflets, posters and booklets for Service Users and external stakeholders.