Our Commitment to you.

PRHA is committed to consulting its residents on a regular basis to ensure that we offer the best possible service to you, as a result of the feedback that you give us.

We offer a range of opportunities to all of our residents to enable them to be involved in the running of PRHA and to be consulted on issues that affect them.

Here’s how you can take part:


Project/service meetings:

Each of our supported housing projects holds meetings for residents to contribute to decision making for instance about support services, catering or activities.  These meetings are a forum for you to discuss what is on your mind.


PRHA has many resident-led activities that are central to its operation , including:

Service Users Advisory Panel (SUAP) – The panel meets every two months. We  discuss issues that are of interest to residents and review PRHA service standards, proposals and policies. We also oversee the Annual Report to residents. PRHA Board members meet with the panel twice a year. .

Maintenance Advisory Panel (MAP) – The panel  carries out inspections of PRHA projects in partnership with the PRHA Maintenance team. We are also involved in discussing property-related policies and activities.

” I get to meet new people and learn about the buildings…it is a meaningful use of my time.”        MAP resident inspector

Management Board

The Board is responsible for the overall running of the Association and aims to include residents as Board members. There are currently vacancies .If you are interested please contact Jaydee Anciro (janciro@prha,net) for more information.


We provide opportunities for residents  to attend some training courses (e.g. First Aid) alongside PRHA staff.

For further information please contact your scheme manager or the Specialist Services team on 0207 920 7328.

Tenant Involvement

How are we Doing?