We housed 678 residents in supported housing last year.

When coming to PRHA, new residents will usually be suffering from the trauma of being homeless as well as a range of related issues such as mental ill health or substance misuse.

Our staff are trained to support residents, make them feel safe and start to assess the underlying reasons for their homelessness. The next step is to agree a plan to overcome these issues and ensure that the resident can build the skills to sustain future tenancies. Services provided include:

  • Linking residents into health,mental health & substance misuse services
  • Lifeskills & budgetting training
  • Employment, Training & Education services
  • Preparation to move towards independence

“For the first time in my life, I really understood the expression of being ‘vulnerable’. I was like a wounded animal, desperately needing a bolthole where I could restart my life and heal the physiological wounds. From the very moment I entered, my life has turned around. I was able to recharge my batteries and get balance back in my life. It gave me a secure base to begin my return to stability and consequently, obtaining employment.”

James – Dellow Centre Resident