Our housing projects

PRHA's Housing

PRHA's housing projects are located in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and the City. We offer accommodation and support in three types of housing:

Our general needs housing offers a small number of self-contained flats for tenants from the local communities we work in. All referrals are made through local Choice-based Lettings Services - see below for contact details.

24-hr supported housing caters for people with high support needs, for example people with mental health, drug or alcohol issues.

Supported housing caters for people with medium-level support needs. Our supported projects offer individual flats, with day-to-day support from an on-site staffed office.

Referrals to supported housing

We do not accept direct applications. All our tenants are referred to us by Housing Options Teams in our local boroughs, by rough sleepers agencies, and by mental health services.

At the Housing Options Team and other agencies, prospective tenants are interviewed and assessed to see what their support needs are. They may need support with mental health or substance misuse issues, or support in distancing themselves from abusive or violent relationships. Prospective tenants will be referred to a housing project which can offer the most suitable support for them.


Contacts - Choice-based Lettings Schemes

Tower Hamlets Council Lettings Scheme

Email:  lettings@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Tel:  020 7364 2826


Hackney Council Lettings Scheme

Email:  hackneychoice@hackney.gov.uk

Tel:  020 8356 2135


City of London (Housing Options Team)

Tel:  020 7332 1237